Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Review Panel

Section 71 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 (CER Act) allows for the making of Orders in Council, including to relax, suspend or extend provisions in current Acts and regulations that might be impacting on the recovery effort.

On behalf of the public, the Review Panel provides independent scrutiny and advice. It makes a recommendation on each draft Order to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and, where appropriate, the Minister responsible for the enactment that is proposed to be changed.

The Review Panel reports on its review of the draft order and, if necessary, makes recommendations to ensure that the draft Order is necessary, expedient and meets the purposes of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011.

The Review Panel comprises 4 members and is convened by a former senior High Court judge. Each member of the Panel has been selected because of their specialised skill, knowledge and/ or experience. The members of the Review Panel are:

  • Convenor: Sir John Hansen (Christchurch)
  • Dame Jenny Shipley (Auckland)
  • Anake Goodall (Christchurch)
  • Murray Sherwin (Wellington)

The reports and recommendations of the Review Panel are publicly notified and are on this website’s legislation page.