Transfer of CERA functions to inheriting agencies

1 December 2015

LINZ inherits the remaining responsibilities for demolitions and clearing of Crown-owned property in the residential red zone. It also takes over the maintenance and interim land management of Crown-owned land the residential red zones. Please note:

  • LINZ will not be making decisions about the longer-term use of the residential red zone land.
  • CERA will continue to manage the voluntary Crown offer process in the residential red zone.

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) was established. Under the CER Act 2011, CERA has the power to determine what demolition works should be done to a building which has been identified as dangerous.

All dangerous buildings in the Christchurch CBD, designated to be demolished by CERA, have been demolished.

Some properties acquired by the Crown for the Anchor Projects will be demolished at the appropriate time. This is being managed by CERA's Christchurch Cental Development Unit (CCDU). Further information about the Anchor Projects can be found on the CCDU website.

If commercial property owners want to demolish their building, they should apply to the Christchurch City Council for consent.

Direct your enquiries to or call 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372).

Demolition information: