Reopening the central city as quickly as possible, and working towards the recovery of Greater Christchurch are top priorities for CERA.

CERA is working closely with building owners and their insurance companies to get building treatments underway in a fast, well managed way.

Each affected building in the city will have a different solution - from full to partial demolition, to deconstruction, or a make safe solution.

Demolition information:


Overview of CERA and Civil Defence building treatment status [PDF 131KB]
Covers Civil Defence building treatments 23 February to 30 April 2011.
Covers CERA building treatments 1 May to 2 August 2011.

Civil Defence building treatment approved status report: 22 Feb to 30 April 2011 [PDF 133KB]
Details of the 439 buildings signed off for demolition during the civil defence emergency from 22 February to 30 April 2011.