Urgent demolition process

Process for buildings requiring urgent demolition under s38 of CER Act 2011

As a result of the Canterbury Earthquakes and aftershocks the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) was established. The Authority has the power to determine what demolition works should be done to a building which has been identified as dangerous.

The urgent demolition process covers:

  • All demolitions within the CBD.
  • All non-residential demolitions outside the CBD.
  • All residential demolitions for buildings 4 stories or more.

The process

Building identified as dangerous

Check against Heritage and Significant Building Register

Urgent building proposed action – reviewed

Does the application have a building consent & contract, and is demolition owner initiated?

No – resume process

Yes – CERA to review documents

Are documents satisfactory for owner initiated work to continue?

No – resume process

Yes – Issue certificate of compliance? Owner to procure works as principal.

CERA to monitor.

Follow the CERA s38 Demolition Process

Works Notice authorised

Building owner/insurer informed of the building status and requirements under CER Act 2011 s38.4 

CERA scopes job, contacts owner, assesses contractors & procurement decision

Archaeological authority application made

CERA allocates work and instructs contractor

Work quality monitored

Final account analysed

Completion certificate returned (Contractor)


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