Earthquake Recovery News and Information (ERNI)

Earthquake Recovery News and Information (ERNI) was a communication database set up following the February 2011 earthquake to coordinate text and email alerts related to the CBD rebuild zone.

Now the Rebuild Zone is no longer under cordon, and there are a number of other channels for providing information to residents, business owners and other interested parties (through Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and other organisations), CERA has indicated to CCC that it supports decommissioning ERNI.

Websites which provide information to residents include: the CERA website, a CERA contact centre, the Greater Christchurch Recovery Update newsletter delivered to every letterbox in greater Christchurch, a number of earthquake and recovery-related publications on different topics available at Christchurch City Council and its library/service centres, earthquake support hubs, Residential Advisory Service, and community meetings on different earthquake and recovery-related topics.

Local emergency updates can be found on the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Registration information received from ERNI users has now been deleted from the online database and archived by CERA.

Should you have any questions relating to the ERNI service, please phone CERA, 0800 RING CERA or email