Crown-owned property clearances in the flat land residential red zone

Transfer of CERA functions to inheriting agencies

1 December 2015

LINZ inherits the remaining responsibilities for demolitions and clearing of Crown-owned property in the residential red zone. It also takes over the maintenance and interim land management of Crown-owned land the residential red zones. Please note:

  • LINZ will not be making decisions about the longer-term use of the residential red zone land.
  • CERA will continue to manage the voluntary Crown offer process in the residential red zone.

The clearance process

Once Crown-owned properties are vacated and settlement is finalised and EQC and insurance assessments are complete, the clearance process can begin.

CERA's joint property clearance with EQC and insurers

CERA is working with EQC and insurers to clear the majority of Crown-owned flat land properties in the residential red zone by 2015, with all the properties removed and the land cleared by April 2016.

CERA, EQC and the private insurance companies have agreed to prioritise and coordinate the geographic clearance of dwellings and other built structures from Crown-owned properties, to allow land clearance to occur in a more systematic and visible manner. Earlier property clearance have occured sporadically, as property owners settle with the Crown and/or their insurer.

Clearance is not just about demolition. Houses have been relocated since clearance of Crown-owned land began, with homes going to private buyers, Housing NZ and some previous owners relocating their original home to a new site.

Joint land clearance map [PDF 305KB]

Information for neighbours booklet [PDF 636KB]

This booklet has been developed to provide you with information about the clearance process in your neighbourhood. It includes:

  • safety and general information about operations in your area
  • frequently asked questions
  • support and assistance information


Residential red zone property clearances

This video features CERA's Warwick Isaacs and Brenden Winder discussing commonly asked questions about residential red zone property clearances.