Crown offer background information

Information for property owners booklet [PDF 645KB]

This booklet provides information for residential property owners who have accepted the Crown's offer to purchase their property, to assist them as they prepare to move. It includes:

  • information about the process
  • a moving out checklist
  • frequently asked questions
  • how to access information and assistance

Insured residential properties

Not for profit organisations

Dwellings under construction

Vacant land

Insured commercial/industrial properties

Uninsured commercial/industrial and residential properties

Insured residential leasehold properties – Waimakariri District


Agreement for Sale and Purchase - the agreement that you and the Crown will sign to record the terms on which you have agreed to sell your property to the Crown.

CERA - Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

Cross lease - where, on one land title, there are several flats/houses that are each owned by a different person and together all those different persons own the land that the flats/houses are on; and they each lease the land that their own flat/house is on from all the other owners.

Crown - The Government

EQC - Earthquake Commission

Insurer - the insurance company that your house is insured with.

Settlement date - the date under Option 1 and Option 2 on which: You or your tenants must be out of the property. The Crown will make the final payment to you for your property. The Crown will become the owner of your property.

Tenancies - where people have a right to occupy a property (whether exclusively or otherwise) and pay some form of rent.

Unit title - where a dwelling owned by an individual that is part of a community of individuals (known as a body corporate) where each individual owns a unit and the community together owns the common property.