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Transfer of CERA functions to inheriting agencies

1 December 2015

LINZ inherits the remaining responsibilities for demolitions and clearing of Crown-owned property in the residential red zone. It also takes over the maintenance and interim land management of Crown-owned land the residential red zones. Please note:

  • LINZ will not be making decisions about the longer-term use of the residential red zone land.
  • CERA will continue to manage the voluntary Crown offer process in the residential red zone.

The Government announced on 23 June 2011 that all land in greater Christchurch and in the Waimakariri District had been zoned into four residential zones - red, orange, white and green.

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Port Hills 3D rockfall modelling report – October 2012

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) commissioned Geovert Ltd to carry out a three-dimension (3D) rockfall modelling study on the Port Hills. The aim of this study, together with other investigations and work commissioned by the Christchurch City Council, was to help CERA to develop its policy advice to Cabinet regarding zoning decisions for rockfall and boulder roll-affected areas in the Port Hills.

Read the report here »


Port Hills GNS reports – September 2012

A series of seven detailed technical reports on slope instability on the Port Hills have been prepared by GNS Science for the Christchurch City Council.

The reports, released 28 September 2012, were prepared in response to the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes and contain recommendations for the Council on how to address the risk from rockfall/boulder roll and cliff collapse.

The findings of the reports have been used by CERA and the Christchurch City Council to assist with decisions on zoning, planning and infrastructure development, and regulatory matters.

The reports are available on the Council's website at:

In addition to the reports there are about 400 separate maps to assist the reader of the reports in their interpretation of the report findings.


Earthquake Commission geotechnical land reports

Stage 3 land report
Canterbury Earthquakes 2010 and 2011 Land report as at 29 February 2012
Published: July 2012

The main purpose of the report is to provide information on how the Canterbury earthquake series, beginning on 4 September 2010, has changed residential land in the wider Christchurch area. It explains the technical information collected and the processes used to collect it.

Stage 2 land reports
Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Geotechnical factual reports by suburb
Published: December 2011

Stage 1 land reports
Darfield Earthquake Recovery Geotechnical factual reports
Published: October 2010 – February 2011


Land damage and geotechnical overview – July 2011

This geotechnical information was released to the public on 19 July 2011.

It is NOT the latest data which will be used to make the final decisions on rezoning.

For land damage and geotechnical information specific to the Waimakariri District Council and Christchurch City Council areas click on the links below.

Please note:

The Brooklands and Spencerville information is part of a wider data set that was released to the public on 19 July 2011. 

A small “band” of information had been missed off the maps (essentially a gap between the data from Waimakariri and Christchurch City Council that includes Brooklands and Spencerville). After public requests CERA decided to include the complete map set on the website to give a better overall picture of the state of the area.

However, it is NOT the latest data which will be used to make the final decisions on rezoning. The latest lidar information is still being compiled and analysed and will be released at the time the decisions are made in the next few months.


Tonkin & Taylor information and presentations – June 2011

Nick Rogers, from geotechnical engineering consultants Tonkin & Taylor Ltd, gave a technical briefing on 23 June 2011 about the land damage in Canterbury from the series of earthquakes and aftershocks in the region.

A PDF copy of his presentation can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Tonkin & Taylor Land Damage Presentation (23 June 2011) - Part 1

Tonkin & Taylor Land Damage Presentation (23 June 2011) - Part 2

Land damage in Christchurch's residential red zone

Nick Rogers from Tonkin & Taylor talks about the earthquake land damage in Christchurch's residential red zone and what it would take to repair it.

Filmed June 2011.


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