Land zones

Transfer of CERA functions to inheriting agencies

1 December 2015

LINZ inherits the remaining responsibilities for demolitions and clearing of Crown-owned property in the residential red zone. It also takes over the maintenance and interim land management of Crown-owned land the residential red zones. Please note:

  • LINZ will not be making decisions about the longer-term use of the residential red zone land.
  • CERA will continue to manage the voluntary Crown offer process in the residential red zone.

All greater Christchurch land is being progressively mapped into land zones.

You can check the land zone and technical category that applies to your property at

Red zone

Areas in the flat land residential red zone have area-wide land and infrastructure damage, and an engineering solution to repair the land would be uncertain, costly, and is likely to be highly disruptive.

In the Port Hills, red zone areas are those which are either:

  • affected by cliff collapse and there are immediate risks to life, land remediation is not considered viable and infrastructure would be difficult and costly to maintain, or
  • affected by rock roll and the risk to life is considered unacceptable, is unlikely to reach an acceptable level in a reasonable timeframe, and protective works to mitigate the life safety risk are not considered practicable.

More information: Residential red zone

Green zone

Green zone areas are generally considered to be suitable for residential construction.

What happens next and when will depend on a number of factors including:

  • the status of the land (TC1, TC2, TC3 or TC N/A - not applicable)
  • Council consent requirements
  • on-going seismic activity
  • foundation guidelines

More information: Residential green zone technical categories

White zone

Land classified as white meant that complex geotechnical issues relating to land slip and rockroll required further assessment and observation before land decisions could be made.

There are no longer any white zones, all such zones having now been rezoned to red or green.

Orange zone

Land classified as orange meant that engineers needed to undertake further investigation.

There are no longer any orange zones, all such zones having now been rezoned to red or green.

Maps of affected areas