CERA online maps

The CERA Map

Thumbail of the CERA map

This easy-to-use map viewer will run on any device. It contains the following layers of information:

  • Land zone status and technical categories
  • Demolition status and section 45 notices
  • Prioritised routes for different travel modes from the Accessible City chapter of the Recovery Plan
  • Aerial images of the city over time (including aerial pre-September 2010)
  • Central City (CCDU) Blueprint and Anchor Projects.

Planning and Community Toolset (PACT)

Thumbnail of the PACT map

A multi-layered desktop tool showing the changes across greater Christchurch providing a raft of information including land use and zoning, transport routes, and population figures to help with future planning in the region.

The aim is to give community groups and organisations easy access to information that will help them plan their own future facilities.


Christchurch Central: Anchor Projects and Private Sector Progress

Thumbnail of the CCDU Progress Map

This map highlights the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) Anchor Projects cost sharing split between Crown and Local Government, and features private sector recovery development happening within the four avenues.

It is updated regularly with new sites and development projects around the central city.


Port Hills rockfall model

Thumbnail of the Rockfall map

This online viewer displays the Geovert rockfall modelling data released 26 October 2012.

This viewer allows the user to focus in on areas of interest and should be used in conjunction with the reports available on the Port Hills 3D rockfall modelling report page.



New Zealand government datasets

Data.govt.nz is a directory of publicly-available, non-personal New Zealand government held datasets. The site does not host data, instead it links to datasets held on other government websites. Follow the links below to see datasets available from CERA:

CBD cordon reduction map

The best way to access information about the Christchurch CBD cordon removals is via the timeline data available on data.govt.nz. The timeline can be downloaded and easily viewed in Google Earth.

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