CERA releases flat land geotechnical data

Release Date: 27 September 2012

With the completion of the zoning on flat land and the outcome of the review process now known, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) is releasing the geotechnical data relating to the decisions.

CERA chief executive Roger Sutton says the information being released today shows the mapping of ground cracking, liquefaction and lateral spread observations, and measurements of ground elevation.

These reports relate to the area wide interpretation from a range of data sources, including EQC data.

“This data gives the wider picture of the different degrees of damage across Greater Christchurch,” Mr Sutton says.

“It may help people understand why the damage on their land is considered feasible to address individually, as opposed to the Residential Red Zone areas which would have required more complicated area-wide remediation solutions.”

Mr Sutton says the information is quite technical but every effort has been made to simplify it to ensure it can be easily understood.

The information is now available at http://cera.govt.nz/geotech

It relates to the decisions made by the Government regarding flat land, where there are 7354 Residential Red Zone properties in total.

EQC will separately provide some property owners with their own site specific land damage reports which will include more detail on land damage on their particular property.