Chief Executive update – 9 July 2012

Release Date: 09 July 2012

Roger Sutton, CERA Chief Executive. The recent land decisions on the Port Hills have been followed up with community meetings in various locations, and last week we saw over 600 people at afternoon and evening events.

There is another meeting tonight but this type of engagement is not the only way those recently zoned Red, White or Green can find out more information about their land decision.

You’ll see that we have Dr Jan Kupec and Mayor Bob Parker explaining the decisions and the next steps forwards for you.

Jan has also been taking the time before and after these meetings to talk to people individually about their land decision and help them understand more about why their land is now zoned Red or Green, and what has yet to be assessed before the remaining 166 properties get their new zoning.

CERA’s community wellbeing deputy general manager Ivan Iafeta also attends with his team to talk about the Red Zone offer process and the options that the Earthquake Support Co-ordinators offer if you need any kind of housing assistance or support.

We have also recorded three of the meetings, each once with a different emphasis on the particular zone, but all with the main information about the next steps for you. The three videos can be watched online by following the links below.

And we also have had DVDs made of these meetings which we can send out to you if you would like to watch in in a format other than on your computer.

We are trying to make as much information available as possible so we have been live streaming the big announcements as well as recording them to keep. We also recorded meetings like the Port Hills series and upload these to our site, as well as a raft of other informational videos.

I am always intrigued to check up on the website statistics and see if we are reaching people as well as we can.

On any given day we get about 4500 visits to our website and that tells us we are being viewed by over 2000 people. On the day of the Port Hill land zoning announcement we had 25,500 visits which apparently equates to over 15,000 people.

On that day we had a midday peak of about 2000 people watching the livestreaming and 2000 looking at other things on the site. So it does seem as we are reaching a fair chunk of the community – but as always, you can let us know what more we can do to ensure you are receiving the information that you need by calling 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372).

Roger Sutton
Chief Executive
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority