Flat land zoning review – applications closed

Release Date: 02 July 2012

Following the completion of all of the flat land zoning decisions, CERA announced the process for residents to lodge an appeal against the zoning decision on their land.

The deadline for lodging a request for review was Saturday 30 June 2012.

CERA has received a total of 1358 requests. Around 150 have not yet been fully processed, but those that have been assessed show that 1065 are requests to go from Green to go Red and 144 have asked for a Red Zoning to go Green.

There were also some requests seeking a review of technical land category; however the review process does not cover TC zoning so those requests are not included in the final numbers.

The applications will be reviewed by an advisory group made up of three CERA officials with experience in public policy, law and geotechnical engineering. An independent member, Dr Keith Turner has also been appointed.

The advisory group's role will be to assess if zoning changes are appropriate. They will consider a variety of scenarios, including if the original zoning is inconsistent with the Cabinet classifications or there are boundary anomalies.

The Minister will report back to Cabinet by 30 July and applicants should be notified sometime during August.