Panel Discussion on Winter Resilience

Release Date: 11 July 2012

Winter is well and truly upon us and with it comes illness and the annual drive to keep Cantabrians warm and healthy.

There are a number of agencies who provide free information, support and products that can be used to keep homes warm and the power bill down.

CERA recognises that many people are living in quake damaged homes that may be harder to heat and there are concerns some people are using unsafe methods to stay warm; like using outdoor BBQs inside.

CERA Chief Executive Roger Sutton hosts a panel discussion around these issues. He is joined by Mark Thomas from the NZ Fire Service, David Meates from the Canterbury District Health Board and Sheila Hailstone from Community Energy Action.

The half hour programme is full of tips and information on how to stay warm, heat your home efficiently and safely and what support and services the various organisations can supply.

The panel also discusses things that homeowners should consider when planning to build a new home so it can be energy efficient and utilise the expertise available to make sure their rebuilt home is warm and energy efficient now and into the future.

The programme can be viewed on the CERA website at