Survey to gauge Cantabrians’ wellbeing

Release Date: 05 September 2012

A survey is underway to help CERA and partner agencies better understand residents’ experiences and perceptions of recovery in greater Christchurch.

The Wellbeing Survey investigates a range of ways in which people have been affected by the earthquakes. That includes looking at the prevalence and causes of stress, quality of life, social connectedness, satisfaction with the recovery and any positive impacts people may be experiencing.

The Wellbeing Survey be undertaken in two parts.

  • First, Nielson is surveying a randomly selected representative sample of 2,500 residents.
  • Second, is an online survey available to all residents in October.

The Nielson survey of the representative sample began on 29 August and will continue until 14 October 2012. The 2,500 residents surveyed live in greater Christchurch (1,250 in Christchurch, plus 625 each in the Waimakariri and Selwyn districts) and are selected randomly from the electoral roll.

CERA General Manager Community Wellbeing Michelle Mitchell says the Wellbeing Survey will continue to be run twice a year for the next three years. The information it provides will be used to analyse people’s wellbeing across greater Christchurch.

“We want to understand people’s wellbeing and recovery better. We need more information about how people are feeling in different parts of town and in the greater Christchurch area. From this, we can see what trends are emerging in different places in terms of wellbeing and identify where best to target resources.”

The online survey will be available to all residents on the CERA website from 15 October for two to three weeks.

Michelle Mitchell says that, through the online survey, residents who were not selected for the representative sample will get the chance to have a say.

“The survey is not just for those who are worst affected by the quakes, it’s for all residents. It will allow all people in greater Christchurch to engage in dialogue about the progress of recovery.”

CERA has developed the Wellbeing Survey in partnership with Christchurch City Council, Waimakariri District Council, Selwyn District Council, Canterbury District Health Board, Ngāi Tahu and the GNS Natural Hazards Research Platform which is also a major funder.

The data will be incorporated into the Canterbury Wellbeing Index which is designed to track the progress of recovery using indicators in areas such as housing, health and education.

The Canterbury Wellbeing Index will be available on the CERA website later this year.