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Residential Red Zone Offer Recovery Plan released

30 July 2015

The Residential Red Zone Offer Recovery Plan has now been approved and released.

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Port Hills Zoning Review completed

Cabinet has accepted recommendations from the Port Hills Zoning Review Advisory Group for 209 properties at 68 addresses to be rezoned red, and 31 properties to be rezoned green.

A further 28 properties are being fully or partially rezoned red due to the risk profile associated with the property or, in some cases, practical considerations relating to extending the Crown offer to purchase. An additional 2 properties were rezoned green due to hazard removal works that took place after the Advisory Group’s review had been completed, entirely removing the rockfall risk to these properties at source.

This brings the total number of red zone properties in the Port Hills to 714.

Previous Port Hills zoning decisions affected almost 20,000 properties, with approximately 19,400 properties zoned green and 511 properties zoned red on the basis that they faced an unacceptable life risk caused by the earthquakes and associated with cliff collapse or rock roll. Properties were zoned green where it was considered that damage was able to be addressed on an individual basis and/or any life risk from rock roll or cliff collapse was less than 1 in 10,000 as per the GNS modelling.

The Port Hills Zoning Review Advisory Group, with independent chairperson Dr Keith Turner, was set up late last year to complete a review of all zoning decisions for:

  1. properties whose owners requested a review; and
  2. properties identified by officials as being anomalously zoned.

The Advisory Group made recommendations to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, who considered these recommendations and advised Cabinet on the outcome of the review.

  • Where properties that were previously zoned red are now owned by the Crown, and have been rezoned green, the former owner may buy the property back from the Crown if they wish to do so.
  • Properties which were previously zoned red and eligible for a Crown offer will remain eligible despite the property being rezoned green.
  • The Government will consider requests for rezoning properties following removal of the rockfall hazard at source, if the Minister is satisfied that the risk to a property has been entirely removed and any s124 notice lifted, and if the removal works are completed within the timeframes for the Crown offer period for the Port Hills. These will be the only grounds for any further changes to zoning. (As part of these decisions, 2 additional properties have been rezoned green due to recent successful rock source removal works.)
  • No changes will be made to zoning following the installation of any rockfall protection works, or the subdivision of properties or re-siting of dwellings.
  • There will be no further review process for Port Hills red/green zoning decisions based on the zoning criteria.

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Note: Other processes on the Port Hills

Section 124 notices are imposed by Christchurch City Council under the Building Act 2004. On the Port Hills they can relate to hazards including structural issues or a range of natural hazards, including but not limited to cliff collapse and rock roll. Different criteria are used for decision making about zoning and the application of section 124 notices, and each decision is made for specific purposes.

Properties affected by mass movement have been contacted by the Christchurch City Council. The land stability studies are commissioned by the Christchurch City Council and intended to inform the Council’s decision making around the District Plan review.

Further investigations are underway to understand the level of risk to property and infrastructure. Further information is available online at http://www.ccc.govt.nz/environment/land/slope-stability/rockfall-and-cliff-collapse-maps/

Information on the Crown offer for properties now rezoned red

Videos and maps:

Port Hills Zoning Review Advisory Group Chair Dr Keith Turner outlines zoning decisions relating to different mapped areas of the Port Hills.

Maps 1 to 22

Map 1 - Bowenvale
Map 2 - Woodlau Rise
Map 3 - Centaurus Road
Map 4 - Rapaki Road
Map 5 - Stronsay
Map 6 - Port Hills Road
Map 7 - Avoca Valley
Map 8 - Horotane Valley
Map 9 - Bridle Path Road 1
Map 10 - Morgans Valley
Map 11 - Bridle Path Road 2
Map 12 - Bridle Path Road 3
Map 13 - Mount Pleasant
Map 14 - Maffeys Road
Map 15 - Virginia Lane
Map 16 - Redcliffs 1
Map 17 - Redcliffs 2
Map 18 - Moncks Bay
Map 19 - Kinsey Terrace
Map 20 - Richmond Hill Road
Map 21 - Wakefield 1
Map 22 - Wakefield 2

Summary and maps of zoning review (1 to 22) [PDF 9MB]

Maps 23 to 44

Map 23 - Sumnervale
Map 24 - Heberden 1
Map 25 - Heberden 2
Map 26 - Whitewash Head
Map 27 - Taylors Mistake Road
Map 28 - Hobsons Bay
Map 29 - Taylors Mistake Bay
Map 30 - Boulder Bay
Map 31 - Gilmour Terrace
Map 32 - Brenchley Road
Map 33 - Endeavour Place
Map 34 - Hawkhurst Road
Map 35 - Voelas/Walkers Road
Map 36 - Buxtons Road
Map 37 - Naval Point
Map 38 - Mariners Cove
Map 39 - Rapaki Bay
Map 40 - Governors Bay Road
Map 41 - Maori Gardens
Map 42 - Zephyr Terrace
Map 43 - Leading Light Lane
Map 44 - Marine Drive

Summary and maps of zoning review (23 to 44) [PDF 9MB]

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Information for residents


About the Port Hills area

Rock falls and landslides during the 22 February 2011 and 13 June 2011 earthquakes and subsequent events caused extensive damage to many parts of the Port Hills.

The Port Hills Geotechnical Group (PHGG) assessed properties for:

  • Rock fall or rock roll risk
  • Cliff collapse and debris inundation
  • Land movement (slipping or cracking)

The issues in the Port Hills are different to those in the low lying plains areas where there has generally been widespread land damage from liquefaction and lateral spreading. In the Port Hills, the issues have largely involved potential rock fall, cliff collapse and land slips.

Extensive geotechnical assessment supported the decision to rezone most of the Port Hills to green as it had shown a low geological hazard risk, but a total of 511 properties were initially zoned red. However, this number has risen to 714 properties as a result of the Port Hills zoning review.

Properties affected by cliff collapse have been zoned red where there is an immediate risk to life. Properties affected by rock roll have been zoned red where there is an unacceptable risk to life (greater than 1 in 10,000 at 2016 risk levels), and an area wide engineering solution has been determined not to be practicable for a number of reasons including uncertainty around timeliness and costs.

A number of properties in the Port Hills have also been issued a section 124 notice by the Christchurch City Council under the Building Act 2004. A section 124 notice prohibits entry to a dangerous building. The majority of section 124 notices in the Port Hills have been placed because of geological hazards.


Funding for private rock fall protection structures

21 December 2012

Please see below a message from the Christchurch City Council on funding for private rock fall protection structures. Information about the funding process can also be found at http://www.ccc.govt.nz/environment/land/slope-stability/rockfall-and-cliff-collapse-maps/