Arts, Culture, and Heritage Collections Programme

The vision for this programme is a fully revitalised greater Christchurch, where individuals and communities enjoy the full range of cultural, creative, and heritage activities.

Access to greater Christchurch’s national and local historic, and more recent contemporary, documentary heritage collections provides unique insights into New Zealand’s cultural, social, economic and political development. This programme builds on the vital importance of arts, culture, and heritage collections to recovering cultural wellbeing and economic revitalisation.

Objectives of the programme:

The Arts, Culture, and Heritage Collections Programme aims to:

  • restore and extend broad participation in arts, culture and heritage in greater Christchurch
  • recover infrastructure and redesign the way arts, culture and heritage contribute to the reinvigoration of greater Christchurch for future generations.

To achieve these objectives it is important that:

  • cultural practitioners and businesses remain in, return to, or are newly attracted to greater Christchurch to make, present, record and distribute their work;
  • cultural venues and facilities are fully fit-for-purpose and their provision is coordinated;
  • audiences are accessing and experiencing cultural activities, events and products of their choice;
  • people participate in community arts, culture and heritage activities that meet their needs and interests;
  • documentary and moveable heritage is securely and appropriately stored and preserved; and
  • documentary and moveable heritage organisations provide their full range of activities on a sustainable basis.

Key projects

Development of the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Collections Programme is currently underway. The Arts, Culture, and Heritage Collections Programme will document the key projects driving recovery, including initiatives originating from the draft Central City Plan.

A framework for the development of the Christchurch Central Business District (CBD) is under development. The blueprint will also include specific locations of strategic anchor projects (which could include key cultural venues and facilities) and planning timescales for construction works.

Projects include:

Kā Whakaputunga - Cultural and heritage collections such as:

  • Cultural Recovery Collections Centre (at Wigram Air Force Museum)
  • New Central Library (as per draft Central City Plan / Central City blueprint)
  • Documentary heritage hub or hubs (which could include small museum archives).

Te Auahatanga - Creative and cultural activities and spaces such as:

  • Isaac Theatre Royal
  • Performing Arts Precinct
  • New Professional Theatre (as per the draft Central City Plan)
  • Donald Street Arts Precinct (as per the draft Lyttelton Master Plan)

Te Maumaharatanga - Collective memory and historical legacy

  • CEISMIC (Canterbury Earthquakes Images, Stories and Media Integrated Collection). The CEISMIC consortium is dedicated to the preservation and study of information relating to the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Te Maumaharatanga Rū Whenua - Earthquake Memorial (as per the draft Central City Plan / Central City blueprint)