Sport and Recreation Programme

Sport and recreation is playing a substantial and vital role in reshaping greater Christchurch into an integrated, sustainable and vibrant region. Already the repair of sporting infrastructure has allowed for immediate participation and children have been linked to local sports clubs where school facilities were damaged.

Participation in sport and recreation is an important aspect of community wellbeing and plays an integral part in social cohesion. The economic value of sport and recreation in the region (based on 2009 figures) was worth approximately $760 million dollars, it employs over 7000 people and is supported by 124,000 volunteers. The value that clubs and societies play in bringing communities together is crucial as the community seeks to re-establish itself post-earthquakes.


The sport and recreation recovery programme objectives are to:

  • recover the sport and recreation infrastructure to enable participation;
  • return participation in sport and recreation to at least pre–earthquake levels; and
  • develop a collaborative plan for the sector that informs decision-makers of the key priorities for sport and recreation.

Key projects

The Sport and Recreation recovery programme is broadly divided into two concurrent projects:

  1. Places and spaces for sport and recreation
  2. People involved in sport and recreation

The places and spaces project focuses on significant places and spaces in the greater Christchurch area where sport and recreation occurs. The scope covers these two criteria:

  • has a significant presence in greater Christchurch, reflected by the number of residents participating in the sport or recreation activity, and the importance to Cantabrians, reflected by the number of spectators who participate in, or attend their events
  • requires specific places and spaces to conduct their activity.

The recovery programme for people focuses on support and development of the people needed to deliver sport and recreation, both volunteers and paid professionals.

Community Programmes and Events
Thirteen sport and recreation events ranging from small localised events to large community driven events have attracted 8,884 people to participate. Four new events were created by Sport Canterbury with one key event, the Pegasus Fun Run attracting 2,900 participants. The Fun Run will become a flagship event for the region in the future.

Supporting children in sport
Hosting sports programmes in worst affected areas including supporting the development of school-run competitions and establishing activity hubs for the shared secondary schools. Subsidies have been offered to regional sports organisations to pay for membership fees. Over 9,000 primary and secondary school students are included.

Temporary Pools
Three temporary pools have been established in east Christchurch and Kaiapoi to increase capacity for learn to swim, mainly targeting younger children.

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