Economic Recovery
Whakaara Tahua

Economic wellbeing is essential to a high quality of life for the people of greater Christchurch.

Economic recovery aims to rebuild the foundations for economic growth to ensure a flourishing commercial sector.


Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora te iwi.

"By your food basket and mine, we all will be satisfied."
Cooperative enterprise succeeds where individual efforts are insufficient.

The productivity of the greater Christchurch region is significant to the economic output and wellbeing of the whole country and has a pivotal role in the South Island’s performance.

With coordinated effort, the economic sector can restore or improve the foundations needed for economic growth that greater Christchurch enjoyed prior to the earthquakes.

The foundations include:

  • a high-performing education sector;
  • an active research and innovation environment;
  • business-friendly and enabling institutions and services;
  • effective investment, capital and insurance markets;
  • high-quality infrastructure;
  • a healthy and plentiful resource base;
  • a diverse, productive and resilient business sector;
  • collaborative and effective leadership;
  • national and international connectivity;
  • an attractive environment, and social and cultural community;
  • effective development of the areas of competitive advantage; and
  • a highly skilled workforce and sufficient labour supply.

Collectively these foundations create an attractive proposition for investors, business and individuals, ensuring a thriving commercial sector with high-value employment and business opportunities. Investment in reconstruction is driving short-term growth in local and national construction markets, and will enable long-term sustainable growth by providing the built environment greater Christchurch needs into the future.

Cities that are successful attract people, their ideas and their capital. Larger, more diverse and connected cities are playing roles in the internationalising economy. Economic stimulus from reconstruction and private sector investments will enable local businesses to grow and develop, and in parallel will attract new businesses to establish in the Canterbury region, creating jobs and adding to the local economy.

Economic Indicators and Monitoring

CERA publishes a Canterbury Economic Recovery dashboard each month.

In addition, CERA produces a more comprehensive Canterbury Economic Indicators Quarterly Report.

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What’s happening?

The Economic Recovery Programme for Greater Christchurch has been developed and provides a significant opportunity for us to create a new and better business environment for the future of the city, our province and our country. This programme incorporates 20 high priority projects that are the most important for economic recovery.

Find out more about the Economic Recovery Programme »

Labour Market is working to ensure appropriately skilled and experienced people are available for the greater Christchurch rebuild and economic growth.

Who’s involved?

The Partnership for Economic Prosperity and Recovery (PEPR) brings together a team of central government, strategic partners and business representatives and is guiding the development of the economic recovery programme.

The Canterbury Employment and Skills Board has been set up to address labour market issues. The board includes representatives of government departments (Ministry of Education, Department of Labour, Ministry of Social Development, the Tertiary Education Commission and Immigration New Zealand), Ngāi Tahu, Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Canterbury Development Corporation, and representatives of employers, construction in particular.