Message from the Chief Executive

Nā te Pou Whakahaere

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The Canterbury earthquakes have forever changed our lives, our city, our province and our country. The challenges and opportunities we now face together in restoring greater Christchurch are the biggest in our history.

We must meet the challenges together, seize opportunities and move forward quickly. We do this not just for ourselves, but for those who have been before us and those who will live here long after us.

It is not just people that are important, but also their ideas. The earthquakes have challenged conventional thinking, changed the way many of us work and transformed our daily lives. We must retain and build on the good that has come from these changes. The comments made on the draft strategy have already strengthened our work.

This strategy is a key milestone in the recovery and rebuilding of greater Christchurch. The recovery programmes that flow from this strategy – covering leadership and integration, economic, social, cultural, built environment and natural environment – set out the way forward. Ultimately they will ensure a strongly performing Canterbury plays its vital part in New Zealand’s future success.

The pace of recovery is important. We must balance the need to make good decisions quickly against the need to take this unique opportunity to get things right. We need to create certainty as quickly as we can, to allow people, communities and businesses to make their own decisions and move on.

Together, we have a job to get on with. The hard work will continue, and hard decisions will need to be made. I will work hard to lead and help coordinate the ongoing recovery effort.

We will focus not just on business recovery, but on restoring local communities and making sure the right things are in place for rebuilding effectively and in a timely manner. We are working closely with our strategic partners – the Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury, the Waimakariri District Council, the Selwyn District Council and Te Rūnanga Ngāi Tahu – acknowledging our Treaty of Waitangi obligations. We are engaging with the private and business sectors, with people and with local communities and are keeping them informed.

Together we are committed to achieving the best possible result for the people of greater Christchurch now, and for the generations who will follow us.

Roger Sutton
Chief Executive
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority