Section 3: What is Recovery?

He aha tēnei mea te Whakaara?

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The CER Act defines recovery as including both restoration and enhancement. Recovery is inherently future focussed and there will be opportunities to “build back better” when repairing damage caused by the earthquakes.

Opportunities for enhancements should be considered, including where:

  • they lead to increased resilience and/or functionality; or
  • are cost-effective according to life-cycle analysis provided that they do not come at the expense of the repair or replacement of essential infrastructure and services elsewhere.

For the purposes of this Strategy, “recovery” does not mean returning greater Christchurch to how it was on 3 September 2010.

Individuals and organisations are likely to view what recovery means in different ways. Their views will be shaped by how the earthquakes have affected them, how they view the social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts on the greater Christchurch area, and their hopes for the future.