Education Renewal Recovery Programme

Education is a critical area for both social and economic recovery. It is the education system that will provide the skills and knowledge needed for the redevelopment of greater Christchurch as its economy and communities adapt to changes triggered by the earthquakes.

The impact of the earthquakes on education

The impact of the earthquakes on education provision was substantial. Most early childhood centres, schools and tertiary providers have had their infrastructure damaged in some way or have been affected by the ensuing migration of people.

Given the damage to land and education facilities, population changes, and financial constraints, education provision in greater Christchurch will change. These changes provide an opportunity to improve the education network.

Education Renewal Recovery Programme

The Education Renewal Recovery Programme was adopted in August 2012 and focuses on the recovery of the education system in greater Christchurch.

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The Programme creates a framework for the recovery and renewal of education provision in greater Christchurch. It is intended for education providers, students and their communities.

It aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • An innovative and cost-effective education network is established in Christchurch that facilitates strong learning foundations and lifts educational outcomes for all learners.
  • Communities are engaged and connected to their schools.
  • Christchurch is perceived nationally and internationally as a safe and desirable place to live and study.
  • The education sector contributes significantly to the local and national economy. Education provides the skills and knowledge needed for the rebuild and recovery and the long-term economic development of greater Christchurch.

The Ministry of Education and Tertiary Education Commission led the creation of the Programme.

Investment to support implementation of the Education Renewal Recovery Programme

The Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Plan is a whole of network approach to recovery and is the Ministry of Education’s action plan for the Programme. To help implement this plan, in 2013 the Ministry of Education secured $1.137 billion from the Government over ten years to renew, repair and rebuild 115 schools in greater Christchurch.

To support the tertiary education sector, the Government in 2012 made an agreement in-principle to provide capital support to Canterbury’s three tertiary education institutions for their earthquake rebuild programmes. The Tertiary Education Commission has supported the tertiary education institutions through the business case process and Cabinet has agreed to:

  • invest $18.9m to support an expansion of trades training facilities at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
  • invest $260m in rebuilding science and engineering facilities at the University of Canterbury
  • invest $107.5m (in principle) in the science facilities rebuild at Lincoln University.

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