Effective Central Government Services Programme

Coordination and collaboration across government agencies and councils helps effective service delivery. Initially driven by necessity, unexpected benefits have been found.

For example, there are opportunities for increased joint service delivery, better service and value for money, joint accommodation decisions and new models of community interaction across central government agencies delivering recovery programmes and services.

This programme is led by the State Services Commission and CERA and supported by the Canterbury Government Leaders Group. The programme is identifying, encouraging and embedding successful cross-sector innovations adopted locally after the earthquake and is also exploring how these innovations can be replicated nationally, as appropriate.

CERA will promote and support joint deliberation and decision making, and the return of government services to the CBD.

Objectives of the programme

The primary objective of the programme is to ensure a focused, efficient and effective government sector by:

  • successful innovations that occur across the government sector will be embedded in service delivery across communities and business;
  • government’s service delivery model is recognised as creative and innovative, and enhances client experiences and supports the recovery activities; and
  • people will experience government services that are efficient, effective, transparent and easy to access.

Key projects

Education Renewal Recovery Programme is enhancing the education network in Canterbury and improving the educational outcomes across the Canterbury education system.

Canterbury District Health Board Recovery Programme is fast-tracking work underway to transform, deliver and fund health services through re-orientating the Canterbury Health System to improve health outcomes for the wider population. The plan’s key priorities are focused on managing demand by creating services and environments which support people to stay well.

Business Sector is promoting integrated planning and expenditure of government funds to promote and contribute to the rebuild of a CBD-based central government service. The initiative aims to provide business and clients a seamless journey into Canterbury, as part of the workforce to rebuild greater Christchurch.

Social Sector is improving access to a suitable, safe and effective government service that enhances wellbeing, aligns social agencies, is efficient and places an emphasis on recovery and self-resilience.

Safety Sector is building a coordinated, modern and resilient emergency, justice and safety sector that continues to lead and support the education, planning and response to community needs, in all types of environments.