Residential Red Zone Programme

People living in the residential red zones need certainty and confidence to be able to move forward with their lives. In these zones the land has suffered extensive damage and is unlikely to be rebuilt on for a considerable period of time.

In order to provide certainty, simplicity and confidence for people who own red zone property, the government has offered to purchase insured residential properties in the red zone.

These offers are available for insured residential property owners to consider and accept should they decide that accepting the Crown offer will enable them to move on more quickly. To support the offer, CERA is:

  • coordinating the acquisition processes to purchase these properties,
  • providing information and hosting workshops to communicate, listen and clarify the offer to insured residential red zone property owners,
  • utilising a range of existing support services to assist residents with making informed decisions for their future.

The land and land use page has more information about the zoning decisions that have been made.

Objectives of the programme

The primary objective of the programme is to ensure a focused, timely and expedited recovery by:

  • implementing the Government’s offer to purchase insured residential red zoned properties;
  • offering support to property owners to understand and decide which offer is best for them; and
  • managing the acquisition and ongoing ownership of the acquired properties until decisions about the future of acquired land are made and can be implemented.

Key projects

The residential red zone programme includes:

Future use of the red zones – to determine the future use, ownership and management of the red zones.

Residential land and property acquisition involves formulating and communicating the Crown’s offer to insured residential property owners. Once the offer is accepted, CERA (on behalf of government) is managing the sale and purchase agreements, settlement and payment processes with property owners.

Insurance recovery - liaison with insurance companies and EQC will enable government to fairly and reasonably settle insurance claims assigned to the Crown as part of the property acquisition process. Property owners who select option two of the Crown offer will be pursuing insurance claims for their own buildings and fixtures.

Acquired property management includes ongoing maintenance of properties acquired through the residential red zone programme. This will include securing, clearing, relocating or demolishing buildings once the insurance recovery process has been completed.