Flat land residential red zone

Residential property in the flat land has been zoned red when the land has been so badly damaged by the earthquakes it is unlikely it can be rebuilt on for a prolonged period. The criteria for defining areas as residential red zone are:

  • there is significant and extensive area wide land damage;
  • the success of engineering solutions may be uncertain in terms of design, its success and possible commencement, given the ongoing seismic activity; and
  • any repair would be disruptive and protracted for landowners.

The Port Hills settlement process is different to the flat land. Owners of eligible properties in the Port Hills who accept the Crown offer have six weeks from accepting the offer to settle and vacate the property. This is due to the life risk issues posed by the land damage on the Port Hills.

More information on the Port Hills RRZ can be found here.

You can confirm the zoning of your property on the My Property pages.