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Making the right checks on commercial buildings

It is important that the owners of all non-residential buildings and multi-unit residential buildings in Christchurch have carried out the appropriate checks to make sure that their buildings are acceptably safe for those entering, working and living in these buildings.

CERA is sending letters to all non-residential (commercial) building and large multi-unit residential building owners across Christchurch asking them to provide CERA with structural assessments of their buildings.

It is possible that buildings may have suffered structural change and one of the purposes of the CER Act 2011 is to enable information to be gathered about structures affected by the earthquakes and aftershocks.

The letters will be sent in a staggered way, over the coming months, so not all commercial buildings will receive their letters at the same time.


A guide to detailed engineering evaluations (DEE)

There are engineering guidelines to help building owners and their engineers complete the assessment. 

The document has been prepared as part of efforts by the Engineering Advisory Group to provide guidance to structural and geotechnical engineers and to Territorial Authorities in the assessment of earthquake-damaged buildings.

The document will continue to be improved so there may be changes made to it, although CERA will accept all assessments that follow the guidelines as they are written now.

View the Engineering Advisory Group guidelines [PDF 2.45MB]

This file is hosted by the Structural Engineering Society New Zealand (Inc.)

The Detailed Engineering Evaluations (DEE) programme will be handed over by the end of 2014 from CERA to local authorities to manage under their respective earthquake prone building policies, as per the standard practice across New Zealand. Read more in the media release: CERA hands building safety programme over to local councils


A guide to repair work

It is important that building owners, their engineers or builders understand the legislative requirements for all building works. The Christchurch City Council provides guidance on what you should be taking into consideration when assessing your building or carrying out repairs.

Visit the CCC Building and Planning – Go Ahead webpage


How to provide a structural engineering assessment

One of the purposes of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 (CER Act) is to enable information to be gathered about structures affected by the Canterbury earthquakes. This includes a request by CERA to provide a structural engineering assessment of the building.

Find out how to provide a structural engineering assessment.


Frequently asked questions

The FAQ section contains some common answers regarding structural assessments.

View the structural assessments FAQs here