Support and assistance

In this section you will find information about the various types of support and assistance that are available, in these categories:

Earthquake assistance centres

These are centres where you can access staff and information from a range of agencies about earthquake-related matters. The centres also provide information and assistance for red zone homeowners who have insurance and are deciding about the government offer.

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There is information here about temporary accommodation options, affordable section development projects for residential red zone homeowners, and a collection of useful links covering different property types and situations, including rentals.

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Financial assistance

This is a collection of information about financial, debt, tax and accommodation assistance and services available to individuals and businesses affected by the earthquakes.

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Health and wellbeing

This section explains about the Earthquake Support Coordinators, who are available for free to assist people in navigating their way through the wide range of services available. It also gives the location of the Recovery Information Kiosks.

The health and wellbeing services and links covered here include:

  • various options for counselling and support services, including for Māori, new migrants, and those affected by family violence
  • energy advice and assistance with keeping warm at home
  • handling food and drink during an emergency

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Community organisations

We’ve provided links to websites across greater Christchurch that can inform you of local community activities and events as well as innovative community initiatives taking place in your community.

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Residential Advisory Service

The Residential Advisory Service (RAS) provides free, independent help to residential property owners who are facing challenges in getting their home repaired or rebuilt after it has been damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes. The service helps you to understand the process you are going through and to make progress in your repairs or rebuild.

For further information about the service visit the Residential Advisory Service website

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