Radio Network House - Building Implosion - Sunday 5 August 2012

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At 8am on Sunday 5 August 2012 Radio Network House [the Newstalk ZB Building] at 155 Worcester Street, Christchurch, New Zealand was razed to the ground in a controlled implosion.

By placing a total of 60 kilograms of small explosive charges in holes drilled in the support columns of the building, the 14-storey building is now a pile of rubble between Manchester St and Latimer Square.

This was the first time any high rise building in New Zealand had been demolished in this way.

CERA chief executive Roger Sutton says the event – which was watched by hundreds of people - was more than just a demolition method, but also a symbol of the way forward for Christchurch.

“We are full steam ahead into our rebuild and recovery. This implosion is an impressive way of recognising that we are moving on with recreating this city. This building went out with a bang – our new central Christchurch will arrive with one. The future is exciting here in New Zealand’s second biggest city, and I know its residents are ready and more than willing to embrace it.”

Film produced by Belmont Productions for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.