Wellbeing Survey

The CERA Wellbeing Survey September 2013 Report

CERA and partner agencies undertake the Wellbeing Survey every six months to measure earthquake recovery progress across greater Christchurch. The Survey provides timely feedback to social and other agencies as trends in community wellbeing emerge.

Self-reported wellbeing data identifies the prevalence and causes of stress, quality of life impacts, barriers and opportunities, impacts on social connectedness, satisfaction with the recovery and any positive impacts people are experiencing as a result of the earthquakes.

The September 2013 Survey was the third time the Survey has been in field and in total 2,476 residents completed the questionnaire. 1,240 were from Christchurch, 640 from the Selwyn district and 596 from the Waimakariri district.

Residents of Christchurch rate their quality of life less positively than residents of Selwyn and Waimakariri districts. Higher proportions of Christchurch residents have experienced a strong negative impact on their everyday lives as a result of the earthquakes.

Three-quarters of greater Christchurch residents rate their quality of life positively, and 6% believe it to be poor. 78% of residents have experienced stress at least some time in the past year that has had a negative effect on them. 22% indicate they have been living with this type of stress for most or all of the time over the past year.

The three most prevalent negative impacts experienced as a result of the earthquake were identified as: dealing with EQC or insurance issues, making decisions about house damage, repairs and relocation, and being in a damaged environment and/or surrounded by construction work.

The three most positive impacts as a result of the earthquakes were: renewed appreciation of life; spending more time together as a family and pride in ability to cope under difficult circumstances.

Residents’ opinions were polarised as to whether or not they have confidence in the decisions being made by the agencies involved in the recovery, as were their views on the communications and information received.

The CERA Wellbeing Survey April 2013 Report

In April 2013, 2,438 residents completed questionnaires. 1,210 were from Christchurch, 621 from the Selwyn district and 607 from the Waimakariri district.

The CERA Wellbeing Survey 2012 Report

In 2012, 2,381 residents completed questionnaires. 1,156 were from Christchurch, 618 from the Selwyn district and 607 from the Waimakariri district.

The Canterbury Wellbeing Index

The Canterbury Wellbeing Index (the Index) tracks the progress of the social recovery using indicators to provide information on the impacts of the earthquakes on wellbeing and to identify emerging social trends and issues. The Index is a collaborative project across local and central government agencies and is updated and revised twice yearly.

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